Gift A Website

Looking for a Unique Gift?

You've come to the Right Place

Gift your special someone a Website, A Memory.

We make websites ranging from a simple Gift Card to a fully customized Website as per your need with Videos, Pictures etc.

We also sell NFC Chips.

Price differs for each type of website. Our prices are all inclusive(Domain Charges + Life time hosting + Coding).
All the coding remains the property of the 'Gift A Website', meaning you won't get to see the code or save the website for offline use.
A line of credit displaying "This Website has been created by Gift A Website" will be added to the website as per our discretion.
100% of the fees needs to be paid in advance.
For more details contact us at: +91 8828211452

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Note:This are just templates we already have. You can get a hybrid website combining 1 template with another or If you have something else in your mind let us know and we will make a customized website for you as per your needs.